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Welcome to the Origami Zoo. We’re a small independent literary publisher that was founded in 2010 in Pittsburgh, PA, though now we call St. Louis, MO home. We focus on chapbook length projects.

Here, we hope you’ll find more than just animals who disappear if you look at them head-on. We want to house stories that think they’re alive. We want them to make us think and feel and change. We want to exhibit absurdities of the world, whether it’s done by bending genres or simply illuminating the bizarre details of everyday life. We want stories to make us laugh, others that make us cry, and quite a few that make us do both. We like monsters and fairy tales, smoky bars and bus terminals equally.

And while we almost exclusively print fiction, that hasn’t stopped us from loving the occasional essay.

Rebecca King: Founding Editor/ Designer


Rebecca King received her MFA in Creative Writing from Chatham University in 2011. Her fiction has appeared in A-Minor Magazine, Corium Magazine, >kill author, and others. At the Origami Zoo, she likes to listen to the birds in the aviary rustle their papery feathers and clack their folded beaks. When they fly, she can see the sun through the parchment of their wings.


Sam Martone: Editor/ Publicity Guru


Sam Martone, when he is on security duty at the Origami Zoo, spends much of his time in the reptile room, where he watches as the paper snakes and expertly-folded lizards emerge from the sand for feeding.



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