Writer Crush of the Week (#10)

Our Writer Crush of the Week is Brian Oliu!

We were excited to announce his upcoming Origami Zoo Press chapbook Level End earlier this week! It’s due out in April, but you can pre-order it now (either a regular version of the book or a deluxe Gold Edition, perfect for collectors)! Need a preview? You can read “Boss Battle: My Brother Who Controls the Weather” over at RealPoetik.

Also, be sure to check out his book So You Know It’s Me, a collection of Craig’s List Missed Connections, and his upcoming chapbook with Tyler Gobble and Christopher Newgent, The Fullness of Everything, both from tiny hardcore press (our Press Crush of the Month!).

Here are some other Oliu favorites of ours:

Zelda Revisited” at Conjunctions.

Tuscaloosa Craislist Missed Connection #7” at Everyday Genius.

As Is” at Booth Magazine.

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